Support Services

In the field of engineering for facilities, one of the areas that set AirWater Engineering apart from other firms is our attention to quality control throughout the entire development of a project, including the construction phase.

Our QA Manual is a set of instructions and checklists, which assures a uniform system to produce and control a project

We have developed our own system of information tracking, utilizing developed forms. The forms have been designed to assure that critical information does not inadvertently become forgotten or misplaced. One key product of this system is a Matrix used as a working tool to define the initial scope of work and to track and manage change. It tracks changes and revisions to the initial program, which inevitably occur during the life of a project, and does so in a manner whereby impacts to cost and schedule are quickly understood. This allows effective decisions to be made in a timely fashion usually reducing the potential impact of changes on both cost and schedule. As the project phases progress, the Matrix also assists in ensuring continuity of the design based upon client input.

The project development phases (30%, 60% and 90% project review process) are critical when “fast-track” projects are being produced. Equally important is engineering support during the construction phase. The ability to extend services and manage the design integrity while construction is underway, thereby minimizing confusion in the field is very important to AirWater Engineering’s philosophy of client service.

In summary, quality control is implemented during all phases of a project’s progression from inception and planning through commissioning to move-in and beyond.