Industrial Engineering

industrial consulting engineer firm ottawa

As business operations become more complex and diverse, the value of introducing a new process, equipment and providing unique facility systems proves to be critical in upgrading of industrial installations.

Our industrial engineers are able to accurately analyze the impact of new layouts and propose changes to facility building systems to provide customers with trustworthy information to make the best decisions.

AirWater Engineering industrial engineers can address every building system component including mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, process gases, DI water system, chilled water system, process cooling, acid exhaust with scrubber, solvent exhaust, energy management programs, electrical, building automation, structural, architectural, equipment maintenance assessments, fire sprinkler protection, fire detection and suppression, and engineering support in construction administration for advanced technology customers. We are committed to cost effective solutions to achieve increased productivity and process efficiency.

Our team of industrial consulting engineers will ensure that your project is well thougt-out and its design incorporates the unique qualities that are the halmark of sound engineering practices. AirWater Engineering industrial consulting engineers design with efficency, simplicity of design and quality as the corner stones of their engineering. Know that your search for industrial engineering contractors in Ottawa has led you to a trustworthy company with a solid reputiation for a quality industrial consulting engineering firm in the Ottawa Region.