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This process includes the bulk of the facilities improvement program. It represents a bottom-line assessment and the upgrade of the facilities to "professional building standards" Our firms consulting engineers plan for your projects long-term success!


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Each project undergoes a stringent analysis regiment with our companies engineers examining all design options currently available to the client, and reflecting solutions which will ensure the project stays on budget

Quality Assurance

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One of the areas that set AirWater Engineering apart from other firms is our attention to quality control throughout the entire development of a project, including the construction phase.

Consulting Engineering Services...

Creative and dedicated consulting engineers, quality, and competitive pricing are the cornerstones of our business. It is our goal to provide quality consulting engineering, which integrates functional arrangement, maximum flexibility, and sound future planning at a price and time frame agreeable to our clients.

AirWater Engineering Inc. is one of the most progressive engineering companies in Ottawa. AWE is dedicated to the design and implementation of building facility systems for real estate property management, commercial, advanced technology, R&D laboratories, government buildings and High-Tech private clients.

Our Engineering personnel include a mix of registered professionals experienced in Project Management, Planning, Design and Tender, Construction Management and Evaluation of R&D laboratories, clean-rooms, computer rooms, file server rooms, High-Tech industrial facilities and, general and special purpose offices.

AirWater Engineering is your complete source for the Design and Construction of controlled environment facilities by the most dedicated consulting engineers Ottawa has to offer. Controlled environment specifications vary depending on “user specific” requirements. The AirWater Engineering consulting engineers team will work closely with you to establish the design criteria to meet product needs, customer specifications and industry standards.