Structural Engineering

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Airwater Engineering has a highly qualified team of expert structural engineers and professionals that can assist in a wide variety of engineering design to support installation and construction of structural elements associated with mechanical and electrical building facilities infrastructure. Our committed and experienced engineers bring an exceptional level of expertise to every project. We actively participate in commissioning at the end of construction process.

Our areas of expertise and experience in design and engineering support include: on site measurements for the areas which will affect the structural engineering design and calculations, analyze the capacity of the existing elevated floor slab supporting the mechanical equipment to ensure its structural integrity to safely support the proposed new mechanical systems.

Our structural engineering associates will ensure that the provisions of the structural outline specifications and procedures together with their coresponding structural drawings to enable the structural work be outsourced for tender and installed into the existing buildings, provide an estimated cost to supply and install structural work, perform on-site reviews of the installation of the structural work as it proceeds, design and provide construction details and safety procedures.

Our structural consulting engineers verify the design and calculation of bolt sizes and spacing recommendations for the connections, design and calculations of the fasteners sizes and spacing recommendations for the connections, design and calculation of the anchor bolt sizes, spacing and designation specifications connecting to the frames to the existing concrete floor slab, design and calculations of weld sizes, lengths and designation for the welding required for connections and assembly of units.

Our team of structural consulting engineers will ensure that your project is well thougt-out and its design incorporates the unique qualities that are the halmark of sound engineering practices. AirWater Engineering structuralal consulting engineers design with efficency, simplicity of design and quality as the corner stones of their engineering.