Site Analysis

Our professional experts will visit the project site, survey, analyze and verify the availability and capacity of services needed, identify the codes, regulation and standards that apply, assist in proposing alternate options, analysis and recommendations related to facilities building systems.

Our Mechanical, Building Automation System (BAS) and Electrical Engineering services include: surveys, investigation and reports on building facility systems performance. We specialize in evaluation of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems(HVAC), chiller plants, boiler plants, fire sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, plumbing and sanitary systems, and the assessment of proposed upgrades or replacements of make-up air, air-handling units, exhaust systems, boiler and chiller plants, and supplemental cooling systems.

The site analysis includes lighting retrofits, BAS upgrades, electric to gas heating conversions, installation of variable frequency drives on pumps and fan motors, installation of efficient chillers and boilers, Ventilation On Demand (VOD), and installation of sensors to control lighting, fire alarm, and building automation systems.