Electrical Engineering

electrical consulting engineer firm ottawa

We provide expert solutions to all of our commercial, industrial, educational, institutional and governmental customers in lighting investigations and analysis, due diligence studies and reports, interior and exterior lighting design and specifications, electric distribution service layouts, sub-metering systems, voice/data cabling systems and cable management.

Our electrical engineers actively participate in commissioning and start-up of systems at the end of construction process. Our areas of expertise in design and electrical engineering support include: power distribution, lighting and lighting controls, verification and control of loads, power distribution systems, uninterruptible power supply systems, communication systems, specialty site and recreational lighting design, emergency power lighting and signage, fire alarm life safety systems design and commissioning including functional and systematic testing of fire department communication systems and Life Safety Systems that are inclusive of the components and circuits arranged to annunciate the status of fire alarm devices, supervisory signal initiating devices, auxiliary controls such as HVAC Fan Shut Down, Building Automation System (BAS) Operator Station Notification and Smoke Control Systems.

Our team of electrical consulting engineers will ensure that your project is well thougt out and its design incorporates the unique qualities that are the halmark of sound engineering practices. AirWater Engineering electrical consulting engineers design with efficency, simplicity of design and quality as the corner stones of their engineering. Know that your search for electrical engineering contractors in Ottawa has led you to a trustworthy company with a solid reputiation for a quality electrical design consulting engineering firm in the Ottawa Region.